CXCart Photography


Christian Xavier Chantemargue

Born and raised in France, living and shooting in the greatest city on Earth; New York. Passionate for capturing fleeting personal moments of my fellow New Yorkers, our incomparable cityscapes and street shots. Two years after I began using Instagram under the name @cxcart, and I am more confident as an artist, cognizant of my surroundings and comfortable with my equipment and improved skills. My photography reflects a visual narrative of my story and my love affair with this city. A passion developed over time, after living in the city for seven years and sharing my vision for the past two, my love for photography has evolved from an interest to my desired career path. Showcasing my work in the first Instagram group exhibit in New York City with only a select few other photographers, having my photograph of the Brooklyn bridge being chosen to be the cover of a limited edition book, as well as my working with several notable corporations promoting their products, ranging from phones, cameras, events, to broadway shows and more are just a examples few of my experiences thus far in my career as a professional photographer.

This website: has been a work in progress, which over time has proven to be essential in serving as the next step in sharing my vision as a photographer with a broader audience. Here, you will discover a personal collection of my favorite photographs of New York City, many of which are published pieces, as well as an abundance of images collected over time from my travels abroad. With each photograph there is a link to your personal favorite, providing the opportunity to purchase it as a beautiful print, a heart warming card, or a gift for you and your loved ones.

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